CHAPTER IV. FIRST VISIT TO EUROPE. TO MR. HARDY. STEAMSHIP ALGERIA, Mny 20, 1872. I RECEIVED your very last letter on the steamer just before we left ,Jersey City. Through Providen­tial care we are still permitted to enjoy the running cup of blessing on the great deep, and are hoping to reach Queenstown at midnight. During the 12th, 13th, 14th inst., we met dense fogs more or less, but after we passed by the banks of Newfoundland we have been free from fogs, although we met frequent :rains. During last three days we are facing to head wind all the way, though she is sailing twelve or thir.­teen miles per hour. This hard struggling against head wind gives very unpleasant motions to the steamer, confining Mr. Tanaka to his berth. As for me I am like an old Jack, so called among seamen. I have been enjoying good appetite and sleeping well every night; I have also been enjoying good company on deck; for instance, Rev. Mr. Porter of Lexington, his friends Mr. and Mrs. Goodwin, Prof. Charles Elliot o£ Chicago, and some other English gentlemen. During the voyage I have noticed a strange thing, i. e., that everybody on board drink something, some sort of liquors, which I abhor with all my soul. Gentle­men, ladies, even D. D.'s, have something before them. As for me I shall not take it as long as the water is wholesome and drinkable.