138 SEMINARY COURSE AT ANDOVER. friends here and there, and feel so thankful to you for your first opening the pleasant home for us. It is so pleasant for me to be in such a Christian family as President Porter's. I am glad Mr. Tanaka had a good opportunity to see so many Christian families, and the ways and modes of Christian living. ·when I left your home I was thinking to speak to you a great many things, and to express my innum2r­able thanks for your parental care and unceasing love to this poor and helpless runaway boy. After I was sitting at the dinner-table that afternoon, all my past life, my leaving home, my works during the voy­age, my finding Mr. Hardy, and your unceasing kind­ness ever since, was reviewed in my mind just as the dishes and plates on the table were set before me. I felt so thankful for the kind providence of God as to lead me to you, the spiritual mother, and also I was so affected by the sense of gratitude I became en­tirely speechless. It may be the unfailing decrees of the Infinite Father that I should be sent to you, be cared for and educated by you for a special purpose, though I shrink with the idea of my littleness and unworthiness. So it is my constant cry to Him to guide, gua;·d, and strengthen this untiring soldier. New York, May 6th. Through Professor Seelye's effort we are received at Mr. William Booth's house. His father, Mr. W. A. Booth, took us yesterday morn­ing to Mr. Stewart's store, Bible House, and Cooper Institute, and in the afternoon to Five Points, News­boys' Lodging House, and the Times Office. Dr. Booth, a brother of W. A. Booth, dined with us last evening, and we had a very interesting conver­sation with him. I am glad to say that Mr. Tanaka is impressed with