136 SEMINARY COURSE AT ANDOVER. Though he is not a professor of religion, yet he is almost Christian in his heart. I trust God will bless my humble labor in a near while. Gra,ce of God may save him from heathen darkness and make him a great instrumentality to promote his kingdom to Japan. TO MR. AND MRS. HARDY. NEW lLWEN, April 30, 1872. Since we left Boston we have been just busy as we were in Boston. When we reached Amherst we tried to stay in Amherst Hotel, but Professor Seelye came after us and would not suffer us to stay there. He wel­cbmed us to his home and gave us very kind attentions. Professor Seelye and President Clark took us to Hol­yoke Seminary in his carriage last Wednesday, and Mr. Tanaka enjoyed our visit there exceedingly. President Clark also took us to the Ag1·icultural College and showed us what he has there. On Thursday we spent most •of our time in Amherst College. On Friday we attendeJ experiments on optical instruments, and on the same afternoon we were invited by Professor Seelye and Dr. Hitchcock to visit the Northampton Institute. The new method of teaching deaf and dumb was most marvelous thing I ever saw. Tlw dumb can spea1c. W H bid farewell to Amherst last Saturday and ar­rived in the City of Elms on the sam~ afternoon. \Ve went to the New Haven House and had a long rest until the evening. I called on Mr. Northrop, but he removed somewhere, and his new house could not easily be found. So I gave it up and thought I should wait until next morning. But he came after us with carriage the same evening and took us to President Porter's house. We did not expect to find