122 SEMINARY COURSE AT ANDOVER. kept my right and my right was granted te me. I wish you would rejoice with me at this triumphant hour, for I am a free man, a free man in Christ. I could not help thanking you through whose aid and means I have attained this liberty. I know your prayers have been answered now, but pray on stilL I do not care for the esteem of men, but only wish to remai11 a humble child of God. I suppose you would not object of my spending this vacation with the embassy, if I take a good care for my health. I have not seen I wakura, the chief ambassador, but had a pleasant interview with his secretary, who was a ftiend of two of my best Japan­ese friends at home, and found out all about them. My boarding-house is very ncar where some .Japan­ese girls are staying for the present. I saw two of them yesterday. One of them is about fifteen years of age, and another is only eight years old, the second daughter of my old schoolmate, who is now a prom­inent officer in the country. She is a little cunning and acute thing I ever saw. I had very pleasant conversation with them and dined with them too. They don't understand what the ladies in the families speak to them ; so when I go there to see them they are delighted to see me, and ask me ever so many questions. They feel so friendly to me, and are not afraid to ask me questions, for I told them I shall be very sorry if they do hesitate to ask me anything. Though I do not preach to them, yet I am teaching them some moral principle in a pleasant way. So I think they would not take me as a lover of girls, though I call on them so often, but a kind instructor, because they make such gt"aceful Japanese bow each time when I speak to them. I am so thankful that I can do some service to them.