MEETING WITH MR. TANAKA. 121 stander was Mr. N ecsima. 'Vhen he ascertained that it was he stepped forward from his seat, shook my hand, and made a most graceful yet most dignified bow to me, asking me to be a kind friend to him. He bowed himself 60° from the perpendicular. So I made like bow in return. I could not help laughing within my heart that a behind or corner-stamler was so honored by him in the room, He gave me an order to be an interpreter to him when he goes around the country to examine the schools, and to tell him all about your school system. I told him if I am ordered to do this I would rather refuse it, because he should distinguish me from the others who received aid from the government ; but if I am requested to do this for a certain compensation, I would gladly do any favor for him. The commissioner told Mr. Mori to treat and receive me exactly as I requested of him. It was voted to meet to-morrow moming at 11 o'clock. During the meeting the students made sev­eral motions, but I did not vote or say anything, in order not to place myself on the same platform of the rest. 'When the meeting was dismissed the others so~ how from the perpendicular to the commis­sioner, without shaking his hand. But he came to me and asked where I reside and requested me to call on him privately. He then shook my hand and made 70° bow to me, wishing me for the improvement of my health. I could not help laughing at my being distin­guished so much among the ,Japanese, for I have never thought myself that I was something, and have always desired to keep myself unknown from the public. So when I went to the parlor I stood at a corner keeping myself behind the rest, standing erect and not bow­ing, desiring to keep my right. I am glad to say I