106 SEMINARY COURSE AT ANDOVER. When I went to any friendless places I was obliged to lodge at the hotels. It seemed me so painful to pay so much that it would not do to hang around too long in such places. I hastened myself to see what I could see, and did not stay more than necessary for geologizing. Thus my time has been fully occupied. with visiting, tramping, geologizing, and occasionally discussing with spiritualists and infidels. I thank God for giving me strength to n~eet with all his ene­mies without surrendering myself to them. I went through the heart of New York State, crossed over Lake Ontario by a steamer, and am stop­ping with one of Andover theological students at Evans Mills. Oh, I wish I could have eloquence enough to write out all my happy and rich experi­ences during my trip. Notwithstanding the broken English and imperfect grammar, I will attempt to write you a brief sketch with this unskillful hand. After I bid a farewell to my dearest Boston friends, I set my face towards the west. My first stopping-place was Leominster, where I spent five days with the brother of Captain Taylor, including a Sabbath. I spoke for him in the afternoon service. It was my first attempt to address before a large awli­ence in a regular service. I spoke on the history of Japan, and recent changeH and progress of the peo­ple, and addressed to the Sabbath-school in the even­ing, showing a few articles of Japan. It pleased the children very much. I think I got through it better than I expected to. My second stopping-place was my beloved Amherst, where I spent only two days and a half with Professor Seelye. I attended the commencement exercises and enjoyed them very much. My third stopping-place was Hoosac Tunnel. I went