EXCURSION THROUGH NEW YORK. 105 The vacation will begin two weeks from next Thursday. I don't know what I should do this sum­mer. I am partly tempted to read or study, and partly to take a trip somewhere to collect the mineral­ogical and geological specimens. TO MR. HARDY. ANDov.Ea, June 21, 1871. I received yours of yesterday, and am very thank­ful for your kindest offering for my wants for the vacation. I am desiring to take a trip to Niagara Falls, Trenton Fails, Utica, and some other places to collect fossils and minerals. I had an invitation from one of my college chums who lives near Utica to come there and spend a few days with him. I feel rather delicate to ask you to furnish my wants for going so far, but I also believe I shall be benefited by it very much, and I also expect to study geology and miner­alogy practically. Perhaps I may give lectures on Japan here and there and may get my expenses paid partly. TO MRS. HARDY. EvANS MILLs, N. Y., August 18, 1871. I fear you may think I have forgotten to write to you. But if you read on yon will know the reason why I have not written thus far. Since I began my journey I have had no fixed abode, and consequently I have scarcely found time to sit down to write letters or read. When I stopped with my friends I was a kind of novelty to them because they have never seen any Japanese. I was invited out to the dinners and tea, and was asked by them so many questions. At the same time I have kept myself busy geologizing.