DEATH OF HIS GRANDFATHER. 101 According to my brother's brief statement of his case I judge he died with cholera, which is a prevail­ing disease in the country. He was sick only four days, and died without much trouble, owing to his old age. He was then eighty-six years old. My brother says he was not sorry to go, for he lived long enough and has seen his grandsons grow up, and heard of what I am doing in Ametica. But he would have more satisfactorily died if he could have seen me once more on his last day. For he has been talking of me so much in his late years and anticipa­ting to see me with a great pleasure. Oh ! he is no more with his friends. He has gone without hope in Christ. I dare say he was a most earnest and trust­worthy man I ever saw among our neighbors. I trust God will judge him without law, for he lived without law. My prayers for him, and my transla­tions of a few precious passages in the Scriptures, which I sent to him some time ago, have done some good to his soul. When he heard the news of my running away from Hakodate, he was sore afraid lest I should fall into a trouble, but when he heard that I am studying in one of the best American institu­tions he was overwhelmed with a great joy, and recog­nized that the people in the United States are far more liberal than his own people. This news caused me a great grief. I would have broken down with a grief if I had not had my Sa­viour to sympathize with me in my affiiction and help me to bear this cross. Pray for me that this afflic­tion may be a means to bring me closer to Christ and to calmly repose myself upon his arms. I have a still more sad news to tell you, the death of our dear friend, Dr. Samuel Taylor. He died suddenly in the