98 SCHOOL AND COLLEGE DAYS. health since I have been in this country. I fear some­what if I continue my study in the beginning of next term as I did this term I may entirely break down. So I think it well for me to rest for a while and to get a renewed health. But you must not understand that I am getting tired of study. I am longing it and strongly tempted to begin it, like a starving wolf goes after his prey. Though I have been ill more than four weeks, yet I have not entirely wasted my time. You informed me that you should send me up to Andover next fall to study theology for two years. "\Vhen I left Andover you told me I should study two years in Amherst and a year in Andover. But I have been in Amherst a year longer than your fixed time, though in my sorrow I have wasted nearly the latter half part of this year by being sick so much. Now you are willing to support me two years more in Andover. It is a great offering to me indeed. I do not know how I could get along without it in my study. I appreciate your kindness very deeply in my heart, and hope indeed that your offering for me would be very productive hereafter.