COMMENCEMENT AT NEW HAVEN. 95 hot in the afternoon. I washed my undershirt and stockings at a small brook. "\Vhen I reached New Haven I went to a hotel to pass the night. "23d. The commencement exercise of Yale Col­lege is held at the Central Church. I saw there two Japanese, Yoshida and Ohara. I did not like the exercises quite well, not seeing much Christian ele­ment in them. I visited the Mineralogical cabinet and Art Gallery. I admired the picture of the prophet J-eremiah. Some careless fellows thought I was a so­ciety man and invited me to 11. K. E. Society hall. The room used for the literary purpose is very well fur­nished. I saw there many glasses, and wine bottles on the stairs. So I am glad to find out what secret meant. ·while they were showing the rooms they asked me where did I join to the society. I replied: 'I have not joined to the society yet. Perhaps I shall if I find time enough.' I think they were no little smprised to hear my reply. "24th. I visited limestone quarry at Smithfield, eight miles from Providence, and found nice speci­mens there. I came to Providence to pass the night." Neesima was intensely interested in all mechanical processes and the industrial arts, most of what he saw being of course entirely new to him. On this excur­sion he visited the arsenal at Springfield, the factories and foundries of the eities through which he passed, his notebook containing over two hundred pages de­scribing minutely the manufacture of iron, brass, small arms, cartridges, gas, paper, wire, cotton cloth, plated ware, confectionery, etc., with innumerable drawings of the machinery and tools employed. The remainder of the summer vacation N eesima