94 SCHOOL AND COLLEGE DAYS. brick and sandstone edifices were interwoven with the green trees. "16th. I left Hartford for Middletown. on the noon train. When I came to the town I was told that the commencement exercises of Wesleyan Uni­versity are being held in Methodist church. But the house was filled up by the audience. While I was hesitating near the entrance somebody pulled my arm from behind, and when I look back I behold Mr. A. of '70 smiling with his large blue eyes. He had just come from Haddam and informed me whom I should see there, and where I may obtain my loving objects [minerals]. So I was very much encouraged to go forward to Haddam. But it was not quite time then for the steamer. To pass the time profitably I crossed the river by a ferryboat, and visited the sandstone quarry at Portland. Though I saw many specimens of bird-tracks, the man in the office would not part me any. I left Middletown on six o'clock boat after the dark. It thundered and rained furiously, and I admired the scene very much. Mr. W. B. accommo­dated me a room and meals, though his wife was not quite well. I think they love me some. I was very successful in obtaining tourmalines, but not very in getting columbites. "21st. I left Haddam for New Haven on foot, walking about seventeen miles that afternoon, though I spent considerable time for trouting and berrying. I passed the night in a farmhouse in North Guilford. The lady in the house treated me very kindly and would not charge me positively for either lodging or breakfast. "22d. It rained quite hard in the morning, but the weather was very beautiful and the sun was quite