88 SCHOOL AND COLLEGE DAYS. because I kept trunk locked always. So I think I have taken it out and paid it to a store in some even­ing, mistaking it as one dollar. I do not spend money foolishly, as you know well, and if I do I give you its account always. I am sorry to say I have lost it by my carelessness. I wish you would excuse my care­lessness, but do not think I have deceived you, spend­ing it by some foolish way. I am preparing myself to be good man and striving daily to walk with God. So I would not deceive you by all means. October 1, 1868 . . . . I received a package a week ago Tuesday. I found in it a coat, a tail-coat, a vest, and a pair of pants. I hope you will excuse me that I do not take that tail-coat. I think I have not old enough or dig­nity enough to wear that coat. You must excuse me, because my chum laughed at me when I put on that tail-coat. I have three vests now, so I shall not take that vest too. I want clothings, but not more than necessary. NovembN" 8, 1868. I asked Mr. Hardy to procure Dana's Min­eralogy. I wanted it very much but durst not ask you so long on account of expense. But I made up my mind some time ago that I would-save its ex­pense by some way. I stopped my drinking tea. It does not amount to much in one term, but it will be considerable in the course of a year. I hope you will excuse me my asking you to procure such an expen­sive book. I inclose the list of my college expenses. I spent more than I did expect, but I hope you will not find any fault in me. . . . I hate indeed to trouble