EXCURSION TO WHITE MOUNTAINS. 85 made remarks about mission work to awake up mis­sionary spirit among that church. The meeting was very full and the people very attentive to our re­marks. A gentleman made a motion to raise more money than the last time to help the mission cause. They gave us meals and lodging without charge. "\V e crossed Lake Winnipiseogee with a steam­boat. It was mostly smoky weather to see distant view. I was unwell a little while at Jackson by tak­ing bath in Diana Fall. I stopped in Jackson House about two days. It took my money off very badly. We went up Mt. Washington on 3d inst. from Glen side. We stopped there two days and one night on account of the smoky weather. We saw most glori­ous sunset. Then we came down Crawford side. We went up Cannon Mountain and went near to the rock which forms profile of Old Man. Then we vis­ited Flume, and took photograph of our party. I suppose I can procure one for you. Our party was broken up from Flume, because I wanted to visit sev­eral mines in Franconia, Lisbon, and Warren, and they would not care about visiting them. They went down on Plymouth route, and I came up Ore Hill in Franconia, gold mine in Lisbon, and copper mine in Warren. So I obtained quite knowledge about min­erals in vacation. Last Saturday I left 'V arren about half past four P. M. and traveled through a woods after 7 o'clock. It was quite dark, yet I could not find any house to pass that night, and when I came across a house, man would not receive me in his house, even in his barn, so I was obliged to come still farther. Finally I found a house some way beyond that and passed that night in a barn. Just after I got in barn it stormed furiously. It was rather old barn and